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Daily maintenance and maintenance of automatic feeding laser cutting machine

author:管理员 Published time:2016-11-24 11:02:09 Read: 0 second
Replacement of water and clean water tank
Recommended: clean water tank and water cycle once a week.
Note: before the machine works, it is sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water.
The water quality of circulating water and water temperature directly affect the service life of laser tube, it is recommended to use pure water, and the water temperature is controlled below 35. If more than 35 degrees need to be replaced by recycled water, or to add ice to the water to reduce water temperature, (suggested that the user to select the cooler, or use two water tanks).
The cleaning tank: first off, unplug the water inlet pipe, so that the laser tube water automatically flows into the water tank, water tank, remove the water pump, remove dirt on the water pump. Clean up the water tank, the replacement of the circulating water, pump water return tank, connect the pump inlet tube is inserted into the joint order. Separate the water pump, and run 2-3 minutes (so that the laser tube full of circulating water).
Two, fan cleaning
The use of wind captain time, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of solid dust, so that the wind turbine noise, but also not conducive to the exhaust and in addition to the taste. When there is inadequate suction exhaust fan, shut off the electric power supply, the air pipe and the air outlet pipe to remove the fan, remove the dirt, and then the fan inverted, and pull the wind leaf, and clean, and then the fan installed.
Three: lens cleaning
(it is recommended to clean every day before work, the equipment must be in a shutdown state)
There are 3 mirrors and 1 focusing mirror engraving machine (1 mirror in laser emission tube exit, which is the upper left corner of the machine barrel, 2 mirror beam is located in the left, 3 mirrors are located in the top part of the laser head, a fixed focus lens is positioned on the lower part of the laser head can be the regulation is through these lenses), laser reflection, focused laser emitted from hair. The lens is very vulnerable to dust or other contaminants, resulting in the loss or damage of the laser lens, No. 1 and No. 2 lens cleaning shall not be removed, only needs to be dipped in the cleaning liquid lens wiping paper carefully along the lens center to the edge of rotary cleaning. The 3 lens and the focusing mirror is removed from the frame, use the same method to wipe, wipe after it is put into the can.
Note: the 1 lens should gently wipe, can not damage the surface coating; 2 cleaning process should be handled with care, to prevent the fall; the 3 focusing mirror please be sure to keep a downward installation.
Four, guide rail cleaning
(recommends cleaning once every half month, shutdown operation)
As one of the core components of the equipment, the guide rail and the linear axis, its function is to play the role of guiding and supporting. In order to ensure that the machine has high machining accuracy, it is required that the guide rail, straight line has a high guiding accuracy and good stability. The equipment in the operation process, because of the special processing will produce a lot of corrosive dust and smoke, the smoke and dust based on a large number of long-term deposition on the rails, straight shaft surface, has a great influence on the machining accuracy of the equipment, and in guiding the linear axis surface corrosion, shorten the service life of the equipment. In order to allow the machine to work properly and stably, to ensure the quality of products, to do a good job of guide rail, the daily maintenance of the linear axis.
Note: clean the guide, please prepare - cotton, oil
Engraving machine guide rail is divided into linear guide rail, roller guide, in the YM series of X direction of the use of linear guide rail, Y direction of the roller guide.
Linear guide cleaning: first, the laser head to move to the right (or left), found as shown in the above linear guide, with a dry cotton cloth until bright clean, plus a little oil (can use sewing machine oil, do not use the oil), the laser head around slowly push several times, let lubricating oil can be evenly distributed.
Roller guide cleaning: the beam is moved to the inner side, open the machine cover on both sides, find the above rail, with a dry cloth on both sides of the rail and wheel contact place is wiped clean, and moving beam, the remaining local clean.
Five, fastening screws, coupling
The movement system at work after a period of time, the movement joint screw, coupling will produce loose, will affect the stability of the mechanical movement, so the machine is in operation to observe the transmission parts there is no abnormal sound or abnormal phenomenon, the problem was found to be strong and timely maintenance. At the same time the machine should be used for a period of time with a tool one by one solid screw. The first solid should be used in the equipment after a month or so.
Six, light road inspection
The optical system of laser engraving machine is accomplished by focusing mirror reflection and focusing mirror together, in the light path focusing mirror has no deviation, but the three mirror is composed of a mechanical part fixed, offset the possibility of a larger, although usually not deviate, but users are recommended every time before work be sure to check the light is normal.


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